I'm thrifty.

Now think of all of the synonyms you can for that word, positive and negative, and I'm probably all of those, too. I have been that way for as long as I remember...when I want something, I want it for a good deal, or I decide not to want it. I think about purchases for a long while. I learned that from my mom. Sometimes I wait too long, and then it's gone. Sometimes I hear people say things like, "If you keep waiting, you'll regret it when it's gone. Just go ahead and buy it." That's true sometimes, but most times, I just forget about it. I can't really recall a shoe, or a piece of clothing, or furniture that's haunted me through the years. I try not to give in to the temptations of instant gratification. When I do, I usually end up regreting it. Instead, I try think about what I want, especially in comparison to OTHER things that I want. Then I save for those things... and once I have the money saved, sometimes it doesn't seem worth it anymore. This helps me realize my priorities and re-commit myself to the things that I feel are more important. I recently read this post and agree completely with it - maybe Dads can just say it better. (And you know I love the part about 300,000 miles! Blue Honda just hit 250,000 on Monday! and still going strong!)
Speaking of, I've learned things from my Dad about frugality, too. He's always taught me that you shouldn't buy things emotionally. (Again, the whole waiting for things comes into play.) Specifically, he advises that you shouldn't make large purchases based on your emotions.* Meaning, a house is a big investment. Is it really worth it if it has archways leading into every room if it's not a good deal? Obviously, timing comes into play here as well. Maybe it is the deal of the century on a great car, but is it the best timing for you specifically? Several times, I've ended conversations with Dad and his parting words of advice are, "There will always be another great deal. You just have to wait for it."
All this to say:
We've been looking for a new car for a long time (well, sort of we. mostly he. i'm perfectly happy with this girl. wink wink.) I don't think I can remember a time in our marriage when he hasn't been looking. We've been saving our money, looking for great deals, and trying to decide what we really want. Since we sold the Montero, we've decided on this kind, then that kind - we've decided on this price range, then upped it out of frustration, then lowered it again. We finally decided to buy from the auction, thinking it would be the cheapest route, but didn't like the smell and cigarette burns that came with the first one we looked at. So, instead, we decided finally to keep waiting and keep saving (even after our little fiasco with Blue Honda last weekend).
Last night, just to keep ourselves informed, we drove past the Honda dealership to check out any Elements*** on the lot. Turns out, the salesman hadn't had a sale all day. Turns out, husband is quite the haggler. Turns out, we were ready to walk away - we were just going for a drive, after all. Turns out, it was a trade in from a single, older owner, conscientious enough that he turned in the valet key and the still-in-the-package-bungee-cords. Turns out, it was the deal and the timing and the car we'd been waiting for. Turns out, we bought a car last night, including tax, title and license for the same price we would have paid at auction.

Turns out, we brought her home, and THEN we fell in love with her.
New Honda meet Old Honda.
Welcome to the family, Ellie the Elemente.

...so glad we waited!
*I know that some people specifically WANT and maybe even need to buy emotionally - if that's what works for you,
that's great! no judgements here... this is just the way i feel i work best...
**a side note - these are my opinions and my opinions only. husband may write a different post once he reads this!
we have come a long way to meet in the middle, and we're both completely happy with what we've ended up with!
***we probably decided we really loved the Elemente on this little trip


blackstarmonkey said...

WHAT?!?!?!!? I can't believe it! Congrats you guys, i'm so excited...it seems you're creating a tradition in the family... :)

JJC said...

I LOVE the element! My dad had the bright orange one and that is when my love affair began.I'm still obsessed! I also love my honda and plan to drive her until she dies...she is only 7, though, so I think I still have quite a few years ahead with her. Congrats on your big purchase and way to get an awesome deal!

Anonymous said...

V. here....looks VERY familiar. I love it. looks like it is in the place it belong!!

Dave and Lindsey said...

Love it! Way to wait!

liso. said...

huh. how funny. maybe it does run in the family... we just love our hondas! ...and for the record, we really, really love this car!

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