::home:: for the weekend

the honda stopped working this weekend. luckily, we were planning on staying close to home
and the george is a pretty bike-friendly place.
so... we biked to the hawaiian restaurant, we biked to the movie theater (Robin Hood - way better than I'd expected),
and we biked to the grocery store.
{{did i mention we sold our montero ONE WEEK AGO?}}
husband spent a lot of time trying to figure out the problem with the car (which he correctly diagnosed!)
and i spent a lot of time reading The Constant Gardener (I'm so hooked - I'm loving it).
by Monday morning, we'd discovered the car would drive if we held the key in a particular place
so we drove it up to our friendly neighborhood mechanic near our workplace-
I spent the night with husband and the dogs out at the work cabin in the field,
and Tuesday by 5 pm, the honda was fixed. for a mere $151 dollars.
{{can you believe how great that honda is??? and she is getting incredibly close to the big 250!}}

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The Ringer Family said...

What? I did not hear of the tragic news. Alas I'm glad all is well with the Honda. Didn't know you sold your ole Montero either...have your eye on something special?

Anonymous said...

V. here...That work cabin looks like a Polynesian hut with the thatched porch roof. you guy have fun not matter what!!

blackstarmonkey said...

this is dope...did i tell you my decision about the corolla? i don't think i'm in the market for a car anymore...i'd like to make a honda out of it. that or i'm going to start driving south in it, and see if i can get to patagonia. i need no new car. pshhh.

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