::postcard:: to my sis

ma soeur::
it is well documented that she is the coolest
reason #4,538:
she's an engineer of the mechanical sort.
she does ummm, engineering stuff for galleys on airplanes
this photo: her galleys. in action. on the Cathay Pacific airline.

can't read the note? it says:
Happy Birthday, Jill!
we {heart} your galleys!!!
they are the BEST!
keep up the amazing work!
-Cathay Pacific
i mean, i can't vouch for the galleys, but i think YOU'RE AMAZING!
thanks for spending your birthday with me. i love you!
kudos to Jill's friend, Joshie, for the picture. well done. well done.


Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Jill!!!
I'm writing Happy Birthday to Jill on Alison's blog. Boy this is getting confusing. Well, I know she'll see it!

aspiring ninja = said...

hee hee! thanks...

that birthday was da bes

Anonymous said...

V. here...how lucky to have an international B day wish> Yes, Excellent friend =Josh!

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