::home:: happy easter

we've had a fantastic day so far...
after the first session of easter conference
we hosted a last minute brunch at our place for a couple of friends
quiche by tara (super huge hit - thanks for the recipe!)
chocolate dipped strawberries
cinnamon rolls
b* family banana slush
& 2 kinds of muffins brought by our guests...
it was a fabulous spread and everything turned out great
after eating, we boiled & dyed some easter eggs
turns out, i just LOVE dying easter eggs!
hope you've had a wonderful day, too!


Anonymous said...

V. here We watched too!! And that menu....last minute??? I couldn't come up with all that even if I had a year to plan. Outstanding idea..that's what we are having next year!

blackstarmonkey: said...

awww, that sounds perfect! wish i was there!!

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