::home:: some people can do things without being obsessive

we are not those people.
a sampling of our backpacks - there's so many you can't even see...
no, we didn't count. we don't even want to know.


::wandering:: with dawn

we've been looking forward to this weekend for several months.

one of my greatest friends, dawn, has moved back to california (her motherland) and is currently living in sacramento... and we finally got a chance to go out and see her.

it's the first time i've seen her new place - it was soooo california with the cutest breakfast room i've ever seen and houseplants all over the place. her style is unbelievably laidback and cool and i just loved hanging out in her house, her neighborhood, and pretending to fit into her life.

it {her life} didn't stop when we arrived, though, so while she continued to fulfill her responsibilities, we relaxed in the sun and enjoyed being away from work.

thursday after we arrived, we headed to old sacramento - an area along the American River that's been restored to the times of the transcontintal railroad with lots of shops, restaurants, and candy stores {{we were surprised and amused to find that the endless numbers of candy shops were hawking enormous barrels filled with salt water taffy - straight from SLC???}} we walked around for a little bit, ate some lunch overlooking the river at Rio City Cafe (not to be confused with Cafe Rio, mom) and then headed across the river to sit and nap at the park in perfect California sunshine. thursday evening we were able to hang out with dawn and chat over dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant {something The George is SORELY missing}.

friday morning after sending dawn off to work, we went for a walk around her neighborhood - gorgeously manicured bungalows with amazing color combinations - to a grocery store to pick up some food for a picnic later in the day. once home, we packed up and headed out to Coloma, CA, to the site of Sutter's Mill. if you reach back into your fourth grade history, you'll remember this was the site where gold was initially found, and set off the California Gold Rush. we walked around the state park, picnicked on the river less than a hundred yards from where Marshall found his first few flakes, and watched would-be millionaires panning for gold. on the way home, we stopped at Burr's for a sherbet soda {{a new favorite}}. once dawn got home from work, we puttered around the house for a bit, went to watch How to Train a Dragon, and Dawn and I stayed up late talking and catching up on the particulars of our lives.

saturday we packed up the car again, this time heading to the coast to visit Muir Woods. we spent the day with our heads craned skyward looking at the tallest trees in the world, old growth coastal redwoods. after we left the park, we had lunch at a litte cafe that surprised us with its tasty food (chad had a curry dish that he's now trying to re-create. oh, boy. i'm in for it now) and then jumped back on the freeway to drive back to the airport.

our weekend was fantastic - and turned out to be just exactly the relaxing respite we needed from work. thanks to dawn for being such a great hostess and giving us such a great place to hang out. i always love seeing old friends - and dawn is one of the best... until next time!


::on the job::

seriously. this is me at work.
with two kids.


::postcard:: 4.4.74

an easier date to remember than my own birthday...

everytime i see you,
you're even more fun than i'd remembered.
happy anniversary, mom and dad.
i love you.
last weekend, bonneville salt flats

::home:: happy easter

we've had a fantastic day so far...
after the first session of easter conference
we hosted a last minute brunch at our place for a couple of friends
quiche by tara (super huge hit - thanks for the recipe!)
chocolate dipped strawberries
cinnamon rolls
b* family banana slush
& 2 kinds of muffins brought by our guests...
it was a fabulous spread and everything turned out great
after eating, we boiled & dyed some easter eggs
turns out, i just LOVE dying easter eggs!
hope you've had a wonderful day, too!


::flashback:: salt flats

you know i love a good flashback.

bonneville salt flats 2010...death valley salt flats, 2008
the thing i find especially funny?
going to the salt flats?
i'll take a red.plaid.shirt.please.
she'll have a hoody.any.hoody.will.do.
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