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So my sister flew in for a long weekend on Thursday night, and the whole reason that we picked
last weekend was so that we could attend Holi, the Festival of Colours. This is a big crazy festival
that is held every year at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. It celebrates the end of
winter and the coming of Spring and is most widely known for the colours that get thrown
around - sometimes it's called paint, but it's actually organically dyed corn starch.
The program started at noon, but the throwing of the colours wasn't supposed to happen until 1
pm. We listened to music, watched some Indian dancers, listened to the story behind Holi, and
then finally at 1 pm, everyone stood up, ready to throw their colours. They counted down from
20, and on 3-2-1, everyone threw some colour up into the air. It was totally crazy because the
sky actually went dark - we could look around and see people right next to us, but no further.
After about 30 seconds, the air finally cleared up, I could see blue sky again, and the celebration
continued with lots of music and lots of dancing. Eventually, everyone just turned brown.
So how'd we get clean? Our experience was that as long as it was dry, it was pretty easy to dust
off. If there was any place where sweat had mixed with the colours, though, there was a pretty
good chance of staining! Jill had a thing tied around her forehead - and her forehead stayed
pretty pink after her shower! For the most part, though, it washed out of our hair, clothes, and bodies pretty easily.
So who's coming next year???

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the gramma said...

My, oh my!!! If I had not already known V had not gone, I would have assumed she was in both pictures. I love look-alikes.

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