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one of the things i really wanted to do this past weekend was to visit the neon boneyard -
after some checking and learning that it was closed for some construction & a facelift,
i settled for a visit to the old downtown Fremont Street area. i can't believe i've never been here before!
while fremont street isn't really all that entertaining, and the fremont street experience is a little over-the-top & techy for my tastes,
i loved all of the old signage. i was particularly on the lookout for these two - also known as Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky (formerly Sassy Sally).
apparently, in true vegas fashion, these two have even been hitched, ceremony and all - all done when she changed her name!
although it differs from the wikipedia account, i've also read that the reason vic no longer extends his arm and cries out, "howdy podner" is due to some
hollywood temper. apparently, after a long day of filming of "The Professionals," Lee Marvin and Woody Strode couldn't get the sleep they needed in between vic's outcries.
as a solution, they borrowed some items from the props department and shot at Vic until he quieted down!
his voicebox got some temporary restoration, but it looks like he's gone silent for good now...
i totally geek out on this stuff - i wish i would have known more about which signs to look for and taken the
downtown walking tour of the signs that have been restored and hoisted back up to their glory in the areas surrounding fremont street.
we saw a lot of them just driving around, but that's been added for my list of to-dos next time we're down...
ps - in a stroke of good luck, i unknowingly walked into some of the signs that are being stored during the boneyard renovation -
they're actually in a sectioned off part of the parking lot where we parked for the cubs game!
the photo from
this post is of the interim resting place. and yes, yes that is referring to Sassy Sally's place!
pps - i almost want to plan a trip now to wendover and laughlin to see vic's relatives, Wendover Will & Laughlin Lou aka River Rick. is that too ridiculous?


blackstarmonkey: said...

oh nice!!!!
i love these, i feel like knowing this stuff will come in handy on a crossword puzzle...

Anonymous said...

V. here... This old signage offers good ol' nostalgia!! It reminds me of "I love Lucy " for some reason?? I like the name Sassy Sally better!!

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