::challenges:: end of february

i'm actually kind of embarassed to talk about february's challenge, because it's kind of a challenge for a ten-year-old.

a guy at work asked about february and then told me that i need to step up my challenges. and, you know, make them... a CHALLENGE. whatever.

confession: i'm kind of a once-in-a-while-flosser. i've always hated it. but last year i had to get a ROOT CANAL, so, in an attempt to prevent additional ROOT CANALS, i've been flossing. and in february, i had to step it up. i've decided i like the kind with the minty goodnesss on there. and i've also decided that i like to floss. who knew?


Amber said...

I'm a terrible flosser too. I make the mistake of flossing every now and again so that it is sensitive each time. However, when I do floss several days in a row I notice that my gums get tough, and it's nice. The best thing about floss is it is portable and you don't need water. So, floss anytime, anywhere . . . well, almost.

Amber said...

I think that you should give up flossing for Lent.

blackstarmonkey: said...

this is a good challenge!!!
remember when i had that crack and then i flossed compulsively?
i went through like 4 containers of floss. and before that i'd only ever gone through like 1 in my whole life.

Anonymous said...

V. here... I like the kind that is like silk (that smooth ) and doesn't cut up you gums.

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