::wandering:: holi

So my sister flew in for a long weekend on Thursday night, and the whole reason that we picked
last weekend was so that we could attend Holi, the Festival of Colours. This is a big crazy festival
that is held every year at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. It celebrates the end of
winter and the coming of Spring and is most widely known for the colours that get thrown
around - sometimes it's called paint, but it's actually organically dyed corn starch.
The program started at noon, but the throwing of the colours wasn't supposed to happen until 1
pm. We listened to music, watched some Indian dancers, listened to the story behind Holi, and
then finally at 1 pm, everyone stood up, ready to throw their colours. They counted down from
20, and on 3-2-1, everyone threw some colour up into the air. It was totally crazy because the
sky actually went dark - we could look around and see people right next to us, but no further.
After about 30 seconds, the air finally cleared up, I could see blue sky again, and the celebration
continued with lots of music and lots of dancing. Eventually, everyone just turned brown.
So how'd we get clean? Our experience was that as long as it was dry, it was pretty easy to dust
off. If there was any place where sweat had mixed with the colours, though, there was a pretty
good chance of staining! Jill had a thing tied around her forehead - and her forehead stayed
pretty pink after her shower! For the most part, though, it washed out of our hair, clothes, and bodies pretty easily.
So who's coming next year???

::challenges:: end of march

I'm not telling you about my challenge for March.
A very small number of people know, and one found out on accident.
March is part one of a two part challenge.
At the end of April, I might tell you.
But so far,
so good.


::wandering:: holi::before & after

...those hare krishnas really know how to throw a party...

::wandering:: with the fam

this weekend, i saw these folks.
and it was so.much.fun.
only thing that could have made it better would have been if Dude was with us.
lots. more pictures to come...


::home:: the bench

So back in this post, I mentioned a few things that I was still working on for our front room. One of the things I mentioned was that I wanted to get rid of those two ottomans and get a bench as a coffee table. I had my eye on the Benchwright bench from Pottery Barn, but obviously there's no chance I'm going to spend that kind of money on it.
Enter: my husband
Last weekend he had an extra day off work, so he just whipped this up. We literally saved hundreds off of the Pottery Barn version and I just love the way that i turned out. I'm still undetermined about the bar across the bottom - I may like it better without? If we do keep the bar, though, it's going to get a little bit of paint to darken it up a bit. What do you think? Keep the metal bar across the bottom?
So here it is: their version and our version:

Thanks for all your work, honey! I absolutely love it!


::home:: coming soon...

A few months ago, Alison asked me if I could make her this:

You can see more pictures of it here:

Once Alison finished her church pew (pictures available when the perfect pillows are found)
I retook possession of the garage and got started. Stay tuned...we are almost done staining our
version of the Benchwright Bench.


:wandering:: :vegas vic

one of the things i really wanted to do this past weekend was to visit the neon boneyard -
after some checking and learning that it was closed for some construction & a facelift,
i settled for a visit to the old downtown Fremont Street area. i can't believe i've never been here before!
while fremont street isn't really all that entertaining, and the fremont street experience is a little over-the-top & techy for my tastes,
i loved all of the old signage. i was particularly on the lookout for these two - also known as Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky (formerly Sassy Sally).
apparently, in true vegas fashion, these two have even been hitched, ceremony and all - all done when she changed her name!
although it differs from the wikipedia account, i've also read that the reason vic no longer extends his arm and cries out, "howdy podner" is due to some
hollywood temper. apparently, after a long day of filming of "The Professionals," Lee Marvin and Woody Strode couldn't get the sleep they needed in between vic's outcries.
as a solution, they borrowed some items from the props department and shot at Vic until he quieted down!
his voicebox got some temporary restoration, but it looks like he's gone silent for good now...
i totally geek out on this stuff - i wish i would have known more about which signs to look for and taken the
downtown walking tour of the signs that have been restored and hoisted back up to their glory in the areas surrounding fremont street.
we saw a lot of them just driving around, but that's been added for my list of to-dos next time we're down...
ps - in a stroke of good luck, i unknowingly walked into some of the signs that are being stored during the boneyard renovation -
they're actually in a sectioned off part of the parking lot where we parked for the cubs game!
the photo from
this post is of the interim resting place. and yes, yes that is referring to Sassy Sally's place!
pps - i almost want to plan a trip now to wendover and laughlin to see vic's relatives, Wendover Will & Laughlin Lou aka River Rick. is that too ridiculous?


::wandering:: cubs fans in lv

spring training. chicago cubs. las vegas. two games. two wins. third base seats.
cracker jacks. windy. old hat. new hat. grass seats. smilling eyes. sea of blue.
yelling. screaming. white sox fans. foul balls. hot dogs. pretzels.


::home:: again

we got home this evening from a fantastic time in vegas...
we saw two cubs games, with very successful outcomes,
we're tired and weather-worn...
tonight we're watching "Who is Clark Rockefeller?" with popcorn...
and tomorrow we'll show you some more pics...


::home:: an installment

this is our new "art installment" in our living room.
a la Chad


i like this.
so i kind of copied it a little bit.
but mostly,
i am putting this picture here...
so the top picture on my blog
won't be about teeth.
and my ten-year-old-challenge.

::challenges:: end of february

i'm actually kind of embarassed to talk about february's challenge, because it's kind of a challenge for a ten-year-old.

a guy at work asked about february and then told me that i need to step up my challenges. and, you know, make them... a CHALLENGE. whatever.

confession: i'm kind of a once-in-a-while-flosser. i've always hated it. but last year i had to get a ROOT CANAL, so, in an attempt to prevent additional ROOT CANALS, i've been flossing. and in february, i had to step it up. i've decided i like the kind with the minty goodnesss on there. and i've also decided that i like to floss. who knew?


::home:: today, i...

found an old cigar box. i collect postcards from anywhere or anything (they make me very happy)
and have been looking for a way to display them...and so, ta da! our new display box...
and if you're wondering, that postcard in the front is sister's 2010 valentine. check it out.
last year's genius here

also, today, i...

  • slept in
  • got my hair colored & cut (finally!)
  • had a mediocre Japanese lunch with my sweetie
  • went for a windy walk & saw the first kites of the season
  • wore my yellow pants
  • went to cosco for dog beds, no luck
  • lounged around the clean house
  • will have dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a couple of months
    (and their much-talked-about-castle-playroom. seriously, a whole room built like a castle)

ps. the church pew looks fantastic.


::home:: trying...

to make them last
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