::home:: with the ringers

This weekend, the Ringers came to visit!
It was great to have them down - I hadn't realized how long it had been.
Highlights:: Meeting new puppy Sport :: Swimming puppies in the pond :: In-n-Out :: Swimming
at the pool :: lotsa cupcakes :: fabric shopping :: petroglyphs :: and lots of time just hanging out

My favorite quote from the weekend:
"Mom, it's not hiking if you're just walking."


Anonymous said...

Lucky young boys to have places like your to visit and people like you to be with. --wc

Anonymous said...

V. here... I love the adult and child climbing together up a steep steep hill. So good to help the kids have lots of fun. Is it already warm enough to swim there!!!! What great petroglyphs. Are you watching the Olympics?--the Winter ones! V.

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