::weekend:: recap

Last weekend, the snow cheated us out of a trip up north.
So we worked a late Friday night, missed Carter Bear's birthday,
and tried to recooperate all weekend.
So this weekend, we HAD to go up, cause Chad was missing his boys something fierce.
We took the boys to see The Squeakel (see photo above) - and they loved it! It was so funny to watch them
watching the movie. Carter refused to sit back in his seat, so he spent the entire hour and forty
minutes perched right.on.the.edge. Watching the two of them was more entertaining than watching the movie!
I spent Friday night with Liz - we shopped Ikea, caught up over dinner, fell asleep watching a chick
flick, and howled with laughter after midnight, reminiscing over our bad clothing choices on our European vacation.
Summary: A fantastic weekend, to be repeated soon, expecting similar results.
Thanks to all of our great hosts!


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

so cute. i gotta make those kids a movie.

Anonymous said...

V. here... This picture looks like Disneyland. how fun! Glad you had a good time. v.

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