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I have three of these old chairs from my Gramma that I LOVE, but I've debated back and forth over them.
Part of me wants to keep them original, and part of me wants to paint-paint-paint.
I've compromised with myself, and painted two of them (here and here) but have left this one
unaltered until this weekend when I recovered the last one.
I used some heavy canvas type fabric that I saw last weekend while I was at the fabric store with Jenny.
I was there again on Saturday, and picked it up on a whim (very spontaneous of me....
usually I agonize for weeks over even a ten dollar purchase - yep, I know, I'm seriously cheap)
Anyway, I love how it turned out - and if I decide to go back to original fabric, no sweat. I'll
just pull the staples out of the bottom. I'm loving the mismatched chairs on either side of the sofa, for now, though.


Amber said...

That fabric is cool! I love the big print.

Anonymous said...

V. here.... This chair seat looks so fresh and spring "ee". I love the curtain and table behind the couch. Is it the wall mount shelf behind the sofa?? It all looks great!!

JJC said...

I have been looking for fabric like that!!! Please, please tell me you found it at a big chain fabric store (only so I can buy it here)...(crossing fingers).

blackstarmonkey: said...

hey this looks really good. i should come try it out.
you know.
sitting on it.

The Ringer Family said...

ugh! I LOVE IT!!! You creative genius you!

liso. said...

okay, julia,
i tried to find out the name of the fabric so you could look for it, but alas, there was no name! it's an Alexander Henry fabric, and the number listed was H8010A - ??? i don't know if that will help you find it or not, but maybe it'll be a start. it's really heavy, almost like a canvas, and it ran $15.95/yard. I bought it at a local quilt shop, which was weird because they don't usually carry fabrics that heavy...

Anyway, if you can't find it but want me to pick some up for you, I'd be happy to! Just let me know...

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