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Step 1: See church pew on Craig'slist. Have great desire.
Step 2: Look at pew.
Step 3: Think about it and keep checking Craig'slist to see if it's sold.
Step 4: Keep thinking, worry that you've lost it, and finally commit to it.
Step 5: Pick up pew with husband and in-laws
Step 6: Realize that pew is in really, really bad condition, way worse than you'd realized on first look.
Step 7: Put pew in garage and let it sit because you're not sure how to tackle the awful white wash & stenciling
Step 8: Keep waiting
Step 9: Wait till husband gets sick of pew in HIS garage, and he does the majority of the sanding.
Step 10: Talk to the nice guy at Wal-Mart who refinishes gun stocks, and get an idea of what to do about the dryness.
Step 11: Look at tung oil and mineral spirits at Lowe's but put it off because you're still not SURE Step 12: Find an online photo of similar pew here- decide to blatantly copy.
Step 13: Husband gets sick of waiting so HE buys the tung oil and mineral spirits.
Step 14: Husband mixes 2 parts tung oil and 1 part mineral spirits and rubs in one coat.
Step 15: Interest is rejuvenated. Take over oiling.
Step 16: Oil, rub, repeat. Oil, rub, repeat. Oil, rub, repeat. At least five times.
Step 17: Use the same stain/poly that used for this & this project on the pew seat, and trim.
Step 18: Repeat step 17 x3
Step 19: Tape off the finished & dried stained and poly'd parts
Step 20: Prime the sides and back of pew
Step 21: Paint. And paint. And paint. And paint. ...and we're still painting ... apparently, all that oiling (step 16) STILL wasn't enough,
and the wood is still soaking up the paint like crazy. So that's where we are. I feel like we still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It better look good, that's all I can say.

ps - you may look at this picture and say that we're crazy for putting any paint on it at all. i would agree if i was just looking at this picture. unfortunately, though, there's something on some of the wood that we just can't sand off and it prevents some spots from taking any color at all... they just stay a really light, blonde wood. so, sorry. paint it is.


Anonymous said...

V.here...can't wait to see the finish. I just love the old church pews. great find.

blackstarmonkey: said...

oh man, that's rad...

support interest being rejuvenated. this will turn out dope.

Janae said...

wow. I can't believe how much work you have put into that!!! I am sure it will turn out fabulous.

blackstarmonkey: said...

put up a finished picture!!!!

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