::at home:: chad's sandblasting

we've been away from le blog lately because we've been so busy this month...
we've stuck close to home since our new year campout, but we've been busy filling our time with
lots and lots of projects.
chad's recently started sandblasting glass - the pictures above are some of the christmas presents he made
{{he originally practiced on all of my pyrex - no one will ever be able to claim my dishes!}}
since then, he's been working on some other glass projects that i can't wait to show off
...and if you ever want to commission a project, he's working on those, too!


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

oh these are just the best idea...next to my goat flask.

Dave and Lindsey said...

I'll send you all my glass dishes so our name can be sandblasted on them!

Anonymous said...

V. here....I LOOOOVE these...I love seeing my name on the bottom as a surprise...thanks!!

Anonymous said...

again v. here... oh I forgot... so funny...Pie for a Cub fan!! I guess it is a hint hint!

Amber said...

I don't know how sandblasting is done, but my dad used to do glass etching. I wonder what the differences are, like which process is easier. They look really cool. Do you have to make a stencil first, or can you just freehand it? I just love that kind of stuff.

Jeff said...

The terminology gets thrown around a bit, so here's the scoop.
Etching usually refers to acid "etching" where as sandblasting is an abrasive media "sand" pushed through a pressure pot, then hose on to the surface of the desired item. Glass,stone,metal,etc.
Acid etching is a lot simpler.
Sandblast requires more equipment,blast cabinet,pressure pot,compressor, abrasive media.

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