::missing:: family

well, we had a fantastic time in abq and neither of us wanted to leave...in fact, we toyed with the
idea of taking two extra days from work, but in the end decided against it.
responsible adults.

we arrived wednesday afternoon and left sunday morning, so it was a quick trip, quicker than i'd have liked. and, surprisingly, i didn't take that many pictures.
it's extra surprising since sister was there. huh? i know, weird. things we did enjoy, though, were:

mom's fantastic christmas decorations
more christmas books than you can shake a stick at
millions of christmas quilts all over the house
delicious Christmas Eve dinner preparation and consumption
the christmas story, read by Dad
a heated garage, where the puppies nestled in and got comfy
dutch shoes on christmas morning
some wonderful gifts - thank you to everyone!
a freeeezing cold Christmas Day hike at White Mesa
a too-short game of Clue where Jill stole the win out from under me
photoshop lessons with dad
projects, projects, projects
treats all weekend

the things we missed:
spencer, amber, and their family
the gramma
acting out the nativity IN COSTUME!

It was a fabulous Christmas, and I'm so glad we got to visit. Hope to see all of you guys soon...
I've been missing you since we got back!


Joanna said...

I miss my family too. I'm glad you got to see yours. Thanks for your words on my blog. Much appreciated. Still struggling.

the gramma said...

Your pictures and comments makes me boo-hoo and I got through it all until now. I really missed being with you guys!

Amber said...

We missed everyone too.

Anonymous said...

V..here....Love the great photos ...Those dogs were so good..It is too bad Christmas doesn't last longer. It was soo good to be together. i thought I was the only one who thought the walk was so cold!!!

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

miss you guys!!!! it was such a good Christmas!

Aika said...

Loved the pictures! So glad that you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

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