::missing:: christmas

it's always hard after the festivities have ended.
when the tree is wilting and needs de-decorating.
when the house needs to be cleaned. BAD.
when the christmas quilts have to be packed up and tucked away.
when the sugar cookies are all gone.
when it's no longer socially acceptable to watch christmas movies or listen to christmas tunes
(so you have to do it in secret)
when house by house the twinkle lights are disappearing.
and when a day off means you need to tackle all of the packing and storing of christmas decorations.
{{but i do it anyway - all except the music part}}
so things to do to combat this???
shop the expensive Christmas decor at Dillards - for 75% off
shop the majorly reduced Christmas fabric for future projects
shop the Christmas books anywhere - best time to build up to a mom-sized stash
...and it makes me a little more cheery!

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