::home:: living room makeover

So we've seen the before here, and some of the projects that went into that front room.
Here's the basic layout during the Holidays:

Our tree was so big that we had to kind of jimmy our chairs around it, so it was a bit
awkward, but here's a view of the room when you walk in.
We made an amazing score in that jute rug. It came from Pier1, marked down to $35, AND we
got a twenty dollar check in the mail for putting it on our Pier 1 card
(disclaimer:: that is something I rarely do and do not recommend, but it
was too good a deal to pass up. in my defense, i did promptly return to the store to pay it off)

also, did you notice the giant white cupboard doors on the couch? yep, that's how we keep the
dogs OFF the couch while we're gone. and i'm so accustomed to them that i didn't even notice
them when i took the picture! oh, brother.
This room, sans Christmas, is still a work in progress, though. I'm happy with everything we've
done so far, but things I'm still working on::
1. I'm hoping to replace those leather ottomans with an old, rustic looking, long bench instead
of a coffee table. Husband and/or Craigs List may be recruited...stay tuned.
2. I'm still trying to find a small writing desk to live in the corner where the Christmas tree was,
under the stairs. We're in need of a designated laptop spot.
3. I love fabrics! So during my living room mock-up (pictures & details later), I put up some curtains
on the wall on either side of the couch and I really liked the way they looked. I'm still uncomitted though.
4. Did I mention that I love fabrics? I also need some more pillows, pillows, pillows.
And then, finally, I think that should do it. Now that the shimmer of Christmas is gone, I'm back
on the hunt, so maybe we'll finally finish ONE room in our house!


Amber said...

As for the curtains, I say go for it! Fabric adds softens. Plus if you take them to the ceiling the eye is drawn up making the room seem bigger. You can't loose.

The Merk-ster said...

will you come help my house? I love what your doing to yours.

Anonymous said...

V.here... This looks too good for someone to actually live here. It looks great. However, I do like the big tree and the 3 little ones behind the couch. I forgot about your lampshades. IT all looks great!!!

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