::at home:: artwork on the cheap

This was an easy and super fun project that I worked on a few months ago -
inspired by some cards that I saw... and trust me, I have no artistic ability, so if I can pull it off, anyone can.
Actually... maybe I should define "pull it off". When I finished, I asked Chad if it looked like kindergarten artwork.
And he said 'yes'. So, maybe that's pulling it off and maybe it's not.
But either way, I like it!
I started off with two 16x20 canvas from Michael's, on sale at 50% off. So I got them both for five bucks.
Then a tube of white paint and a tube of red - and I used a Michael's 50% off coupon
for one of them. So we're looking at about ten bucks for everything. I painted both canvas solid red,
sketched on the bicycles in pencil, and then went back over it in the white paint.



Condita said...

Very creative! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I like the primitive style!

Anonymous said...

v. here... It is always fun to decorate with something you made yourself. (The bicycles make me think of summer)VERY CLEVER

Amber said...

I saw them in the Christmas pic. They fit the look of the living room (Chad that is not to say that the living room looks like Kindergarten either, I'd say not.) It never occurred to me that you made them. Cool!

Janae said...

No artistic ability! Come on now, that offensive to all of us who really don't have artistic ability. You are amazing!!!

mina said...

i love this! i might steal this idea. it's awesome.

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