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To celebrate New Years Day, we decided to go for a quick overnight camping trip.
The original plan was to go on New Years Eve, but my procrastination postponed our trip. Oops.
We hiked in about 3 miles and camped on the rim of Snow Canyon for some beautiful views -
If we'd been there the night before, we probably could have seen fireworks. Again, oops.
our trip in pictures, from top left, click each to enlarge:: With our backpacks, with Pine Valley
in the background :: Wrigley digging our firepit. Seriously :: Building the fire up for our dutch oven
coals :: our dutch oven cheesy potato dinner :: nyabo snuggling in for some campfire lovin ::
nyabo snuggling in for some sleeping bag lovin :: the view to the west in the morning, the moon ::
the view to the east in the morning, the sun :: independent wrigley, checking things out
It was a perfect way to kick off the new year. We took a calendar and reviewed some of the things we worked on last year,
things we'd like to continue working on, and committed to some things we'd like to do this year.
We talked about vacation plans and scheduling, and family we hope to see in 2010. After we finished with the planning (confession:: i totally geek out on that stuff)
we pulled out the pod and listened to John Adams for a little while before we 'hit the wiggies' (a work term, means sleeping bags)
for a relatively peaceful night (it doesn't really get too peaceful with the two dogs).
Anyway, a great night and hopefully a new tradition???

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Anonymous said...

v. here... Excellent way to start the new year... love the pics... I can almost smell the dutch oven. It looks soooooo good. Way to utilize Wrigley to help dig the fire pit=hee hee hee. Excellent way to make planning the new year fun!!!

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