::all things austen::

It looks like I might just be attending the Jane Austen Festival this fall with my Mom & sister & gramma.
My mind has been set along a Jane Austen track in preparation...
this weekend I picked up a copy of Pride and Prejudice at our local used bookstore -
tonight I'm watching the first of a three part series of the PBS Masterpiece Classic version of Emma -
and this month's Real Simple magazine mentioned this exhibit and short documentary film The Divine Jane...

I've got some ground to make up before I go. I'll let you know what else I find.


Dave and Lindsey said...

What about Itly?

Anonymous said...

V. here... I am understanding now that Jane Austen may be over my head... I loved Pride and Prejudice,but I can not plow my way through Lady
Susan and there are more to read. OCT WILL BE here before I know it. is your Mr Darcy coming? to Portland, not the festival.

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