::thanksgiving:: giving thanks

we had a fun and busy thanksgiving holiday weekend with the b's...every time we hang out with
chad's family, i realize again how lucky i am to have such great in-laws. sorry, folks. no horror stories here.

highlights from our trip included:

football game in the cold. b representatives triumphed. tasty thanksgiving lunch comprised of appetizers that i STILL need to get the recipes for. followed by an even tastier thanksgiving dinner. post-dinner game of mad gab. {{i am beyond horrible at that game- i'm pretty sure i was a handicap}} 5:45 am black friday runs including joann's {{cricut for chad}}, walmart, and old navy. service project by the boys. logan craft festival. wrigley attacking and killing and bringing home a neighbors chicken. christmas aprons. this is the place candlelight christmas. crafting jewelry. utah state basketball game. christmas decorations coming out!
on sunday, a stop at my grandma and grandad's for a quick visit. and safe home in the honda. couldna been better.

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Anonymous said...

V.here... Holidays ARE wonderful.. You always get so much packed into a weekend. It sounds so like a story book, except for..."Wrigley".v

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