::home:: living room makeover

i mentioned here that you'd be seeing more projectos around our house.
i 've tackled several and am just now getting around to some pictures.
let's take a stroll down memory lane... this is how our living room looked
when we first finished our renovations:

see complete post about our downstairs living/dining areas here
{{sorry for the horrible lighting...and for those who haven't been here, our front
door is just across from the bottom of those stairs}}
we liked everything - how could we not? we were happy there wasn't dust everywhere.
but we were never completely satisfied with that front room. it felt like there was only one
place where the couch made sense. and that didn't make sense with the TV. but there
was only one place for the TV. see our dilemna?
fast forward two years to about two months ago.
we finally bit the bullet and decided to pull the TV down and move it.
so we did. just to the right of where it is in the pictures above, into another space.
{{that's in italics because it's very designer-ish of me to call it a space and not an area}}
and we LOVED it. i can't believe what a difference it made.
our TV watching space is much cozier and comfortable,
and not the major focus when you walk in the room.
nor do we have to design our room around the black box. errr, flat box.
so once our TV viewing area was the way we liked it,
this is what we were left with in the front room.
uh-oh. pretty boring, not put together, and aren't those chairs crooked?
{{but at least the lighting is better}}
just wait. this is where the projects come in... tomorrow.


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

oh man, this is exciting...i wish i was there to help out, i can't wait to see the after pictures!!

Anonymous said...

V. here.. I love the three Christmas trees in a row. This before picture looks way too good to me. I would be very very happy with it, but I'm sure I'll love your after too.

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