::christmas advent::december 8:: shopping

Tonight we spent some time working on
Christmas presents!
We got part of Jill's done...
And part of the Moms done...
(this picture was chosen in honor
of chad's new nickname for me,
Candy Cane, on accounta these
new comfies that i'm totally loving)...
We're definitely a ways from done,
but we're getting closer!
What about you? A beat-the-crowds-done-by-
Thanksgiving-kind-of-shopper? Or a last-
I definitely fall in the latter category.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

V. here... cute way to wrap gifts-wrapping the ribbon around the package to make a variety of candy cane looking packages. At first, I thought it was printed wrapping paper. Cute cute. Good luck on getting everything finished.

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