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Since tonight is the last night that we'll be home together,
we opened a couple of presents from Bud and Barb - and they were perfect!
We opened a pillow that's embroidered with
"There's no place like home", the theme of the 40th
year's Christmas book. {{I won't say the name in
case you haven't opened yours, yet!}} It's beautiful,
as usual - and we've already watched the DVD that
came with it... Thank you so much!
In other news,
tonight is a flurry of packing! We leave on Tuesday
night for ABQ and we'll both be working tomorrow
night, so this is it! We're making our lists and
checking them twice, and this time we're just
talking about socks and underwear...
But don't worry - we're determined to see this
advent thing through till the end...

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Anonymous said...

V. here... I think you broke a law by opening your gifts early!! Anyway, I liked your "lists"-hee hee. Travel very safely.

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