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We brought down one of my favorite pieces of Christmas tonight.
My mom gave me this little nativity set when I was younger...maybe fifth grade?
It's been stored in the same shoebox every year since then and still has my
grade school handwriting labeling the box as my "Christmas Manger Scene"
It's a set that she had... each piece has the original stickers
on the bottom marking the individual price as 29 cents.
The angel has had the roughest go.
Her head fell off at the neck, and I believe she was cut in half as well.
Her nose isn't looking too great either.
But everyone else seems to be weathering the years pretty easily.
::edit:: mom said that the nativity was actually her FAMILY's set when she was growing up
and that GRAMMA is the one who gave it to me. she said that if it was hers, she never
would have given it away!

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Anonymous said...

V. here... Oh these are the sweetest.. It seems like they are made of some kind of plaster. They are very old...not as old as me, but old.

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