::christmas advent::december 12:: snow!

that's right, folks.
we got some, right here in our little town.
big flakes, too.
i should have known...
it was a sign that today would be a full christmas day.
we dropped off our cards to be printed,
picked out envelopes for our cards,
christmas shopped ALL DAY LONG,
came home, ate some yummy lasagna and christmas bread from our neighbors
and then baked and decorated cookies

note to self:
next time i divide up christmas cookies into two nights,
making the dough and BAKING should be one night,
decorating deserves a night of its own. oy.
i'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

V. here...So much accomplished in a day with snow. Cut little cookies.v

Anonymous said...

V. here... Cute little cookies!! is what I meant to type.

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