thanks for a fantastic day, sweets!
good things about my day:
10 am massage
new thermarest since mine was beyond reparable
lots of phone calls and birthday wishes
delicious lunch sandwiches at a new-to-me place
honey accompanying me to the fabric store!
honey helping me get the living room beautified,
by fixing some things AND buying new lamps!
a beautiful new crock pot!
(it had its maiden voyage tonight - pot roast - maybe the first red meat
i've cooked for chad since we've been married)
cupcakes at twenty five main
and the Red Rock Film Festival

thanks again!
ps - thanks for the birthday wishes all day Saturday!
pps - dad told me that they tried to take a pic of each kid on their birthday at our front door at the time...
if you don't know my family, that's a real good idea since we changed front doors so often...
i thought it was a great idea but didn't want our front door in a pic since it hasn't been painted, yet
dad suggested a pic with the honda. you know, to look back on in 40 years.
done. you know how i love that honda.


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! are you going to be da someone???? i luff you!

Anonymous said...

Vl. here... so glad you had a great day... you squeezed so much into one day ( and red meat too!)hee hee.

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