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these pillows used to be a pretty rusty orange color.
but in my attempt to break out of my comfort zone of autumn colors,
i made these pillow covers.
blue ticking. just precious. i love ticking.
problem is, i think i want them on our long couch, which means i need one more.
and i can't find anymore of this fabric anywhere. argggh. i would.


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

OOH GOOD ONE! hey they have ticking in like six different colors up here at one of my favorite fabric stores...is that one pale green or pale blue?

liso. said...

ooh, yes! it's the pale blue...and they have a red one that looks pink and a peach that kind of looks brownish/orange ish? that will be so exciting if you can get it for me!

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