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i've been wanting to make a menu chalkboard for a long time now,
but was waiting till I found the perfect windowframe or single-panel door.
never found it.
instead, i just chalkboard spray painted the glass from an IKEA Ribba frame, added some
scrapbook lettering and grouped it with some other photos...
i really love how the whole grouping turned out.
FINALLY something on our bare walls behind our table!
ps - i used a gun attachment for the spray paint that was FANTASTIC! cost me about $2.50
but it made the paint application so smooth... can't wait to try it with a regular spray paint.
pps - since i was staring at the walls in our house for hours on end last week while sick, i've
gotten some good ideas and am ready to finish the house! i'm getting serious now, folks,
so expect many more project-related posts in the near future.


Andrew, Erin & Alesa said...

you are so creative. i wish you lived closer and could help with my bare walls, alas, i will just have to tempt you to visit dc and trick you into helping then! everything looks fantastic! can't wait for more to see.

Anonymous said...

Looks good! I am never surprised at what you come up with--you have a natural talent!

Anonymous said...

V. I dd not even know this was your house till I read it. It looks great!! v

The Ringer Family said...

I love it! I think I'm gonng steal your idea...that is when I find the time:) Darn you and your creativity!

liso. said...

Jenny - Do it! and seriously, super easy and no assembly... maybe we could make some over thanksgiving???

Aika said...

So cute, I love it! I'm excited about the future home projects. Can't wait to see!

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