::postcard:: happy birthday, dad

today is my dad's day.
thirty years older than i am, to the month.
i've learned so much from this man, and love him so much.
so much that i'm tearing up just thinking about him.
thanks for everything you've done for me, THEN and NOW.
happy birthday, dad.

::missing him::

after such a long, fun holiday weekend,
i'm missing him a little extra tonight.
{{and that pic up there? yep, he did that. so cute.}}
ps. i am so ready for christmas!


::postcard:: happy birthday, chachel

see that little girl? the one down on the left?
well, it's her birthday today. and we've been thinking about her all day.
here's some birthday wishes being sent from our side of the world to yours, Rachel!

love you!
(pic taken last year during our christmas in california adventures)


i've maybe mentioned,
once or twice, or maybe three times
how incredibly cool my sister is.
check out what she made for my birthday:
"i don't like the way you say with your nose all screnched up..."


::things i'm looking forward to::

the weather warming up again
thanksgiving in logan
utah state basketball
decorating for the holidays
more diy projectos
finishing our living room!
fridays off
'this is the place' candlelight christmas
more crockpot dinners
handel's messiah
and, umm, a lot more christmas stuff.


thanks for a fantastic day, sweets!
good things about my day:
10 am massage
new thermarest since mine was beyond reparable
lots of phone calls and birthday wishes
delicious lunch sandwiches at a new-to-me place
honey accompanying me to the fabric store!
honey helping me get the living room beautified,
by fixing some things AND buying new lamps!
a beautiful new crock pot!
(it had its maiden voyage tonight - pot roast - maybe the first red meat
i've cooked for chad since we've been married)
cupcakes at twenty five main
and the Red Rock Film Festival

thanks again!
ps - thanks for the birthday wishes all day Saturday!
pps - dad told me that they tried to take a pic of each kid on their birthday at our front door at the time...
if you don't know my family, that's a real good idea since we changed front doors so often...
i thought it was a great idea but didn't want our front door in a pic since it hasn't been painted, yet
dad suggested a pic with the honda. you know, to look back on in 40 years.
done. you know how i love that honda.

Happy Birthday

I tell her everyday, but I want to make sure everyone in blog-land knows that I love you and how happy you make me. Hope you had a great day.

Thanks to Alison's Dad for the picture from a birthday 22 years ago. Cute then...Cute now.

Happy Birthday, Babe!!!

Love you!!!


::home:: pillows

these pillows used to be a pretty rusty orange color.
but in my attempt to break out of my comfort zone of autumn colors,
i made these pillow covers.
blue ticking. just precious. i love ticking.
problem is, i think i want them on our long couch, which means i need one more.
and i can't find anymore of this fabric anywhere. argggh. i would.


::home:: visitors

Bud & Barb came into town for a real quick trip yesterday to check on the house and take care of some things.
We went to Cosco (she's missing it down here for sure!), ate pizza, and visited over carmel popcorn.

This morning, they took us for our second annual Bearpaw breakfast for my birthday,
a few days early...
It was great to see you guys! Come back soon!


::remembering:: 11.11.11:11

did you remember a moment of silence today?

::WWII, our grandfathers::
left ::her:: mom's dad in Hawaii or Southern Cal, Navy
right ::her:: dad's dad in England, Army

::his:: mom's dad, Army
::his:: dad's dad, Army

sorry there's no pictures on the b*side of the family!


::home:: menu chalkboard

i've been wanting to make a menu chalkboard for a long time now,
but was waiting till I found the perfect windowframe or single-panel door.
never found it.
instead, i just chalkboard spray painted the glass from an IKEA Ribba frame, added some
scrapbook lettering and grouped it with some other photos...
i really love how the whole grouping turned out.
FINALLY something on our bare walls behind our table!
ps - i used a gun attachment for the spray paint that was FANTASTIC! cost me about $2.50
but it made the paint application so smooth... can't wait to try it with a regular spray paint.
pps - since i was staring at the walls in our house for hours on end last week while sick, i've
gotten some good ideas and am ready to finish the house! i'm getting serious now, folks,
so expect many more project-related posts in the near future.

::celebration:: halloween

since i got sick,
we didn't carve pumpkins,
watch scary movies,
(okay, that wouldn't have happened anyway),
or do anything fun.
but the thursday before halloween,
we went out to Tuacahn to get in the holiday spirit (can you tell?)
and watch the Odyssey Dance Company's production of Thriller.
(and that's probably why i got so sick)
chad came away...less than thrilled.
i'm not sure how high my recommendation would be either.
they were good dancers, it just wasn't my cup of tea.
except for frankenstein & the bride of...
that was genius.


::home:: butch cassidy run

the race was from Springdale to Grafton, site of Butch's girlfriend's little town in the movie.
while they were running, we did a little more exploring around the town,
debated actual house of girlfriend, and listened to some cowboy music by Kenny Hall.
the weather cooperated perfectly - gorgeous fall leaves with warm sunshine..

pictured from top left: Kenny Hall singing in front of the leaves, Colton posing in
his Butch Cassidy bandana, Colton & Carter with the 10k signage, Ryan & Chad
crossing the finish line, the house from Butch Cassidy, approaching the finish line, old outbuildings, inside a remodel project by the town of Grafton

Thanks again for a great weekend! See you at Thanksgiving!


::another race:: its becoming a family thing

this weekend, ryan and camie and the boys came down
so ryan and chad could run the Butch Cassidy 10k.
they did awesome.
i think jenny may be the next sibling....?
and with each race, the pressure is mounting for me to start runnig with chad. ugggghhhh.

see more sibling runs here & here


::hey, bay staters::

anyone recognize the scenery from The Proposal?
absolutely gorgeous, but definitely not Alaska...
Rockport, Mass, site of Chad's first lobster, 2008


::halloween weekend:: in thirty words or less

in bed.
bags of ricola.
bowls of chicken noodle soup.
lights out on neighborhood trick-or-treaters.
asleep in bed at seven o' clock.
coughing and choking.
no pumpkins.
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