::reliving:: the revolution

we mentioned last year
that one of our favorite places was Lexington.
so much so, that we went again this year.
this time, though, there were Redcoats!
if you're ever out there, make sure you see the presentation
at the Lexington visitor center... it'll give you a great overview.
and chills of patriotism!


Anonymous said...

Didn't know a re-enactment was re-enacted. Will have to put this on the list. Thanks. --wc

AC2 said...

We miss this place. We lived a mile away from the Lexington Green. They do a full re-enactment on Patriots day - which is the best time to visit outside the Fall months. Our kids still associate the Utes as Redcoats. Fun times.

liso. said...

...we were sad we missed all of the hubbub for the 50th anniversary of the minuteman park...

we've toyed with the idea of going for patriots day next time, but i'm afraid we'd just be wishing for fall the whole time!

what a beautiful place to live.... jealous.

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