::mission accomplished:: 13.1 miles

on friday afternoon, we loaded everyone up and headed out to hartford, ct
for the half-marathon that chad & tara have been training for (since this 5k)
traffic fuddled up plans for a carb loading dinner and a pre-run course check
but they still did awesome... and they have the medals to prove it!
congratulations to you both! here's to the beginning of a running tradition???

{{side note: the marathon and half-marathon ended just under this arch
in a huge park in downtown hartford. it was gorgeous! the wind was blowing just
enough to make the colored leaves fall from the trees with all of hartford's old
buildings in the background. new england in the fall... *sigh*}}


Anonymous said...

Way to Go, Chad !!!!! You are something else. I've know people who train to run a race, but not a 13 mile race, and not on the other side of the country.
Congratulations to you and your sister. And to the great cheerleading squad and PR group! --WC

Amber said...

Nice job.


Dave and Lindsey said...

You're a stud! How was your time? Are you up for another one?

Anonymous said...

V. here...Congratulations C & T. Beautiful medals. I would still be wearing mine if I got one.. That IS a great arch. v.

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

YESSSS!!! CONGRATS, CHAD AND TARA! That's amazing!!! why it seems like just yesterday that we were on the seven mile training leg...
seriously, that's such an accomplishment...so proud!! 200 mile relay next in seattle?!!

Janae said...

Way to go Chad!!

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