Dad gave us tickets this year to the Homecoming game -
TCU trounced 38-7
but it's always fun to visit the alma mater and we still had fun...
(now chad's planning a visit to his school -
can you guess where that is? yep, he wears his colors proud.)
thanks for the tix, Dad!
{{and since we're doing flashbacks, here we are, same place, four years ago}}


Anonymous said...

The before/after pics are great. Ya both look better than ever! Too bad the team didn't. --wc

Anonymous said...

V. here. So glad you had fun. love the "flashback" photo. (Maybe they won that day)

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

hey. i want to be there. i like that place a lot more now that I am gone.

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