::halloween:: with kids

we love having ryan and cami back in the state.
and we love that they let us join in on their holiday fun
{{thanksgiving, halloween, 4th of july, etc}}
though we weren't there for the actual holiday, last weekend we went
with them and the boys to corn bellies at thanksgiving point.
my favorite was jumping on the air pillow, the hayride that broke down,
and Carter proudly stating that he "wasn't afraid!" in the non-haunted monster,
AFTER we'd cut out halfway through...followed by his shrieks of "no, no, no" when
Chad said that they could go back in!


Dave and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the Carter Bear story. I love that he wasn't afraid! Kind of like how he won his race :)

Anonymous said...

V. here... You guys are just too cute in the "Fill in your face" picture . Do you have more fun than the kids?

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