::dinner:: lobster

while we were out visiting, tara cooked up some amazing food...

the first night, she made a clam chowder that chad is already craving.
saturday night, she and dan went to the store and picked up
some fresh lobster, cooked a la grocery store.
it was my first experience with a lobster on my plate
(i'd tried a piece of chad's last year)
and definitely my first experience cracking apart my food
and it was soo, soooo good!


w&v said...

Must be easier to eat lobster with someone who can demonstrate how to do it. V. and I tried it once at at restaurant in Maine, with no help from the help, and I don't think we got our money's worth. Glad you did. --wc

Dave and Lindsey said...

hmmm, definitely does not sound good to me. Glad you enjoyed it!

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