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ever since our trip out to boston last year when chad "discovered" cannoli, it's been his absolute favorite dessert...
he's searched high and low for a local place where he can get the same
sugary, creamy goodness.
we found one place, but it can't even compare...so of course,
when we went into boston, we headed straight to the north end for some fresh cannoli.
FOLLOWED by a delicious italian dinner...
sidenote: on our walk there, we might have seen a bus with a film crew where
tom cruise and cameron diaz were filming wichita.


NW. said...

you were right about first aid kit's cover of fleet foxes.
we've added it to all the favorite playlists, so thanks

have a good day

Anonymous said...

V. here... I have never eaten cannoli. I am so glad you found this dessert (I'm guessing) and then the dinner. Maybe you can learn to make it!!You're always finding good recipes. How funny to see "Wichita" being filmed in Boston!

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

what is this stuff? can i get it in D.C?

liso. said...

mmm, probably! try! look for it in italian bakeries, etc... maybe in a nice italian restaurant they'll have it on the menu for dessert?

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