::backpacking:: the puppies

people always ask if we take the dogs when we go out.
and the answer is a resounding YES!
we take advantage of every opportunity to run them till they're weary.
but they do have to carry their own packs, too.
one carries their food and one carries their sleeping bags.
{chad carries their water.}

so does this make them spoiled or not?
they have sleeping bags, which seems pretty ridiculous.
but at least we make them carry them.


Anonymous said...

You are approaching the edge ... wc

Anonymous said...

V. here... These dogs are so cute! I still think you should buy a saddle for Wrigley and let him give pony rides at the park!! then he can partly pay for his own keep! (and gas money to go hiking) How does a dog sleeping bag work?

The Ringer Family said...

you guys are so cool.

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