::update:: they made it!

i got a 3-minute phone call at 10:45 am my time.
sister said they all made it to the summit.
she said they're all alive. but barely.
and now they're headed down.
brother said that if we ever want to climb kilimanjaro,
he's not coming with us.
i'm bursting with pride.


Anonymous said...

Wa-hoo! What an event for each of them!!! --wc

Lisa said...

Wow. I got all the laundry put away today, and I was feeling a sense of accomplishment. How awesome that they did this! Thanks for your birthday note to Sol on our blog. It was very sweet!

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

brother says to me on the way up "I'm not going to make fun of celebrities who climb kilimanjaro anymore".

i can't even believe that was real.

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