::home:: putting up corn

we just happen to work in a town where they have a corn festival -which means we have really good sweet corn. and all the women at work have been talking about "puttin up corn". news to me. but last night, with mom's help, i put up about 27 ears of corn. here's the play by play via photo:
supposedly this means
that throughout the winter
we'll have fresh sweet corn
to eat with our pot roast and potatoes for sundy dinner
(that's what they kept telling me)
ps - mom made my so-cute apron!


Aika said...

ooo nice!

Balagna Bunch said...

Looks yummy! My boys are loving corn on the cob right now.

Anonymous said...

V. here... This will be so delicious out of the freeze-so delicious all winter long.l,v

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