::getting to know you:: waking up

did you know that i can sleep forever?
i think quite literally.
i can go to sleep at 5 pm and still sleep through the night.
AND i can't wake up.
in college, i was the one hitting the sleep button repeatedly.
(but so were my roommates, be honest!)
since i got married, i haven't had to set an alarm clock but on
rare occasions.
because i have one sleeping right next to me.
::he:: just wakes up. naturally.
and usually in a good mood and earlier than he needs to.
thanks for waking me up tomorrow, love.


Lisa said...

I admire morning people. I aspire to be one. Just ask my husband or anyone who goes to my gym in the morning. I'm not!

the gramma said...

Chad and I must be from the same pod.I have been retired for more years than I like to say and I HATED to hear the alarm sound off. I have not set an alarm since! (even when I have to catch an early flight). I just "program it in" and wake up suprisingly close to the desired time. I may get caught sometime though.

Anonymous said...

v.here...I never did learn how to set our alarm. It would go off each day at 4Pm and I would have to trudge upstairs to shut it off. Finally, i bought a wind up Baby Ben clock. It is very dependable and reassuring to know that I will get up. --V

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