::getting to know you:: waking up

did you know that i can sleep forever?
i think quite literally.
i can go to sleep at 5 pm and still sleep through the night.
AND i can't wake up.
in college, i was the one hitting the sleep button repeatedly.
(but so were my roommates, be honest!)
since i got married, i haven't had to set an alarm clock but on
rare occasions.
because i have one sleeping right next to me.
::he:: just wakes up. naturally.
and usually in a good mood and earlier than he needs to.
thanks for waking me up tomorrow, love.


::accomplishment:: his goal

last year ::he:: said he wanted to be able to run home from snow canyon.

today, he did it, and hardly broke a sweat.

well, you know what i mean.


::home:: so this is what it's like to lead an active lifestyle

did you know ::he's:: training for a half-marathon?
not me. but i'm a good supporter.
when he runs, i ride. and he still leaves me in the dust...


A while ago, I sent an email asking people for the five books that have had the most influence in their life. The list has been steadily growing and I need your help. Leave a comment with your own top 5. We will post the entire list soon.

::been working so hard::

so we took Mom & Dad to see "Footloose"
and the weather cooperated perfectly


::home:: putting up corn

we just happen to work in a town where they have a corn festival -which means we have really good sweet corn. and all the women at work have been talking about "puttin up corn". news to me. but last night, with mom's help, i put up about 27 ears of corn. here's the play by play via photo:
supposedly this means
that throughout the winter
we'll have fresh sweet corn
to eat with our pot roast and potatoes for sundy dinner
(that's what they kept telling me)
ps - mom made my so-cute apron!


::update:: they made it!

i got a 3-minute phone call at 10:45 am my time.
sister said they all made it to the summit.
she said they're all alive. but barely.
and now they're headed down.
brother said that if we ever want to climb kilimanjaro,
he's not coming with us.
i'm bursting with pride.

::crossing my fingers:: the top of africa

if all has been going according to plan,
will be summiting at 19,000 ft
(7 am their location)
we've (obviously) been incommunicado.
i can't wait to hear about it.


::we've never lived anywhere long enough to spring clean::

i've only had to do "moving" cleans.
so i was a little late on it this year.
we did spring cleaning yesterday.
and we will never, ever do that again.
ten straight hours of cleaning.
now it's really clean.
but ::he:: said it wasn't worth it.

i think i agree.


::celebration:: with bob

last night we celebrated working hard and being rewarded.
dinner at Oscar's.
and a little more butch cassidy and the kid (one of our faves).
oh, and i guess we were also celebrating Zion's centennial and
the fortieth anniversary of the film.
celebrating is fun!


::overheard:: on stretch pants

"honey, on you, stretch pants ain't got no choice!"
from a brother to his sister.


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