we spent this last weekend visiting with lots of family up north. (and taking no pictures. boo.)
we headed up thursday night for a long weekend. i spent most of the drive up devouring time traveler's wife (some pretty serious language, so not sure i would recommend it to sensitive readers, but an amazing, amazing love story. cannot wait to see the movie.) while husband listened to some tony hillerman on tape. brendan was sleeping over so we got to see him and the 3-B-Boys before they went to bed (see=playing star wars, wrestling, bowling at the boys with pillows, etc.) after the kiddos went to bed, husband and fred went out for an evening run (we both appreciate fred as a running partner. me because then i don't have to feel bad for being lazy and husband because he doesn't have to do it alone)
friday morning we loaded up the boys and headed up to this is the place monument where we met Bud & Barb, Gary, Mary Ann, Beth, Christopher, and Taylor (visiting family from IL). we had fun making crafts, visiting old buildings, and riding the train. it was fun, but i'm mostly excited to go back at christmastime. they decorate with millions of white lights, and have christmas crafts and reindeer - just up my alley!
that evening, all the boys (ahem, men.) loaded up for a father/son campout. husband was an honorary participant and welcomed because of his mad dutch oven skills! camie and i took little spencie on a trip to ikea and dinner at thanksgiving point - thanks, camie, for going with me! after all the time we spent in there (i bought frames. mirror. shelves.), the mirror is def too big, and the shelves are too short. so i'll be going back soon...
saturday when the boys got back from their camping trip, we re-loaded and made the drive up to logan (of course, i fell asleep. i've decided it's a disorder. a sleeping disorder. don't judge me.) we had a fun afternoon hanging out with all the aforementioned family, AND jenny, casey, and sequoia. we worked on a puzzle, looked at recipes, ate some delicious food, laughed a lot, maybe mentioned a tank, sat around the campfire in the cool northern utah weather, and got to know the illinois crew a little bit better.
sunday morning we had a big brunch and then headed out to our various churches. after our meeting, we piled back in the big honda (it's a van, but it's still a honda!) and drove down to springville, got back in our car, and headed home.
thanks to everyone for such a fantastic weekend! we just love it when we get to be around family!


Anonymous said...

V. here... All that ikea, TG Point, This is the Place, train ride , recipes, Oh how can you pack in so much fun in a weekend. Glad you have lots of family to share it with. l. v

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

oh that sounds so lovely...

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