::weekend:: close to home

chad and jo - the funny thing is that she's standing on the table, he's on the bench and she's still that much shorter!

::friday:: dinner at home with the Solis, Trespasser and his visiting girl. a new lasagna recipe, red and white spinach lasagna - a success

::saturday:: a visit from one of chad's old interns from SCA, johanna, back in his north dakota days. a walk downtown with johanna, Tresspasser, and his visiting girl (she stayed at our house. how appropriate!) while at the farmers market, we ran into my old roommate, visiting town with her dude. first time i've met him: i approve! quiet afternoon visiting with johanna and then naps for us. time travelers wife - not as good as i'd hoped. not nearly as good as the book. i don't know why i don't prepare myself for disapointment? purchased a new puzzle! inspired by the puzzle-putting-together at B&Bs last weekend...

::sunday:: absolutely NOTHING! worked on our wrigley field puzzle and got a good chunk finished. took little catnaps, went through coupons in the paper. delicious marvin joes for lunch (recipe to come once we've perfected it) and some homemade chocolate chip cookies for dinner (hee hee.)

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