::saving:: the pigs

we do what we can to be wise financially in this economy. we work off of a fairly tight budget.
we pay cash for most things. we put money in savings and investment and we're working up to
6 months of expenses in our savings account. we pay extra every month on our mortgage and
on our student loans. but this is my favorite way of saving: the pigs. cause this money
goes to our VACATION!


Anonymous said...

V. here... Oh, your covered wall canvas with the orange flower fabric turned out so cute. Cute little pigs. They look fat from bulging pennies. I love all the ways you are saving.
I also save by taking care of what I own so I don't have to replace it. Also, when I want to buy something I leave the store and think about it-if I want it in two weeks I just think about it some more, and if I still want it in a month I start saving my money for it and if I still want it after I have saved enough money then I will buy it. Usually, I have forgotten what I wanted and have decided I want something else. So I start the whole "wait and save process over" v

Anonymous said...

The best economic decision made in my life is marrying Vickie!

the gramma said...

Well,if I havn't saved at this point then it's too late soooo I just spend it.
So you are another "pig person". Rhae raises pigs so co-workers have swamped him with pig gifts over the years and he has a real nice collection in his office --- and the real things at home.

This Thursday our Comanche OK relatives (and genealogy buffs) - the Pitts are having a yard sale with another lady who is selling some of her collection of pigs. Do you need some more white ones?
Or anything else - let me know.

the gramma said...

The (piggy) yard sale has been postponed to Sept 2 and 3. Think of anything yet?

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