::getting to know you:: blue honda

the rear view mirror is there.
but doesn’t work.
it just kind of spins around
and won’t stay where you put it.

the gas tank latch doesn’t quite
pop the hatch.
it’s really a two person job.
you have to stick something
under the latch
to hold it up and then pry open
the hatch.

the light blue paint job is chipping.
and peeling.
especially on the hood.

only two (and a half) hub caps.
there should probably be four.

husband removed the
radio, and never replaced it.
it kind of looks like she was thieved.

even when there was a radio,
it was kind of
hit or mess,
whether or not the speakers would short out.

the backseat is puppy zone.
not allowed.


last weekend
(thanks, utah road construction)
she had no rear passenger window.
now it’s the shiniest thing on her
and I like to check my right
blind spot.

during this whole road trip
mom couldn’t
adjust her seat
forward or backward
i guess there was something stuck
under the seat.
now it moves freely.
dad got it fixed
for me.

the passenger door
used to be hard to open
the casing was broken.
sometimes the driver
had to open the door
to let the passenger out.
now it’s red and the rest of blue Honda
is blue.
and in & out is a breeze.
dad got that fixed, too.

riding in blue Honda
used to almost shake your heart
but one day,
i got a flat.
and when husband put on the spare,
the shaking quit.
now she’s a smooooooth ride.
now do you see why i can never part with her?
all right, sis, what's ramona got?


Chad said...

not even for the $4500 cash for clunker deal...See what I am up against here.

the gramma said...

You 2 are just 2 much fun!! Can't wait to hear "sis's" comment.

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

I CAN'T COMPETE WITH THAT!!! but i will try......

Anonymous said...

V. here.. seems like she is part of our family history! But she Really HAS seen a lot of history with you at the helm! v

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