::future destination:: duck creek & navajo lake

took a drive this afternoon up to the duck creek area. GORGEOUS! we will definitely be planning a puppy-friendly
weekend up there soon. about an hour and a half drive from home and the temps were amazing...
we've actually had great weather here, but even cooler up there.
highlights included: reading at navajo lake, the drive up to cascade falls (trail closed),
checking out some campsites and an itty-bitty visitors center, millions of aspen trees (my fave) and even more ponderosa pines*
*do you know this trick? if not, try it. next time you come upon some ponderosas,
stick your nose in one of the bark splits. stick it in as far as you can,
and inhale deeply! smells like butterscotch. (and this is for real - not
like a "is your hand bigger than your face" thing)
ALSO - that picture of both of us is so FUNNY! i look like a very, ahem, large person
the wind picked up at JUST the right moment...!
i got some junk in my trunk!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place to visit. Especially this fall as the aspens turn.

I think ladies 100 years ago would envy your trunk.

Anonymous said...

V. here... oh I just got through reading about Duck Creek on one of the quilting blogs I like to read. Her family just spent a week at a cabin there.
Looks very pretty. I think the dogs would love it too. Do you think they will get hungry if they stick their noses in between the tree bark?
Is this a winter place to go too? Or does it get snow there? v

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