::wandering home:: reunion 5k

{{the before & the after - i especially love ryan and dave's stretches!}}
saturday morning came early at the reunion for these folks. chad, two sisters, a brother, & a brother-in-law ran the 5k at the infamous Mendon Days. barb and i went along as the cheering session. tara {{in the green}} and chad are planning on doing a half marathon in october, and i think this little run might have been a wake up call.... and it sounds like there might be some more recruits since the 5k! can't wait to see you guys in october!


Dave and Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting those. I'm stealing them since I was an unsupportive wife and don't have any pictures myself.

Anonymous said...

V. here... What an over achieving family. I can't tell which is the before or after picture. Looks like no sweat! Wow , any thing with the name marathon (even half) in it sounds grueling.v

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