last weekend we stayed at home...

friday night was movie in the park. saturday morning was breakfast at the bearpaw. saturday afternoon we attended a Transformers event for work - another program in the area rented out a theater and talked about their program and then showed the movie. the best part was at the beginning when we played some games and winners got prizes. WE BOTH WON! i got a twenty dollar gift certificate to Pizza Factory and ::that guy:: won a cd of all of MJs number 1 hits. after work, we sat on the nay-nay, and wasted away our afternoon.

{{our prizes}}

for some reason, i was feeling sort of down, so Husband suggested banana splits & a movie in bed. instant happiness! am i lucky or what???

so happy that we ended saturday night on a good note, because ::he:: was out to the field again on sunday. boo. looking forward to a long weekend this next one!


Anonymous said...

v. here... Congrats on your prizes. So lucky!! I agree you are winners! l, v

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

i wont your life.

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