::wandering:: holiday weekend up north

we took a four day weekend. just cause. and i've been loving every minute! thursday we spent the day relaxing around the house and enjoying being home. and on friday, we headed up north to visit with some folks we just had to see {{and apparently, to eat, according to my previous post!}}. after i had my girl time with amelia, That Guy and i made a beeline to dave and natalie's house to meet baby boy for the first time. he was only ten days only when we saw him and so tiny! it was fun to see them with their first baby - dave kept telling junior, "very good, very good!" -pretty stinking cute! Congratulations, guys!

The rest of our time was spent with Ryan and Camie and the boys. I am pretty sure husband laughs non-stop when we're with them. They were pretty upset when they found out they wouldn't be coming down for husband's birthday, and so when they heard we were coming up, they decided to make a birthday cake for him {with probably a little help from Camie}! He got the whole birthday song and candles and everything!

On the evening of the 3rd, their neighborhood was having a block party for the holiday, so we tagged along to that. The neighborhood has way more little boys than little girls and i think every single one was in love with chasing the smoke bombs. That may have been the hit of the night! Colton was such a little social butterfly, riding his scooter around to hang out with all of his friends! Carter stuck close and was pretty nearly husband's sidekick for the rest of the night! We anticipated being at home holding the puppies ears on the actual 4th, so we were happy to have some fireworks and noise for the weekend.

Before we left on Saturday, we had the same idea that {{apparently}} every one else in Happy Valley did. We headed up the Canyon and hiked the Stewart Falls trail... and everyone made it back in one piece! Thanks for such a fun weekend, you guys! We always have a blast with you!


Anonymous said...

V. here... You had a great fourth! Lots of excitement with friends and family. Lucky Chad--two birthdays. Happy birthday!! You are such a hiking family. Lots of natural beauty where you go. l,v

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

SOOO fun!!! you guys did a load of fun stuff. remember the time we were in Wyoming and got to make/ride on the Smokey the Bear float?!!?!? I hope that happens at least once more in our life.

liso. said...

i know! chad and i were just talking about how that was the last really-celebratrated fourth we've had. that was fun. i'm so glad you came out for that...

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