dear family,
i hope you have lots of fun together this weekend in
OK/AR/TX with gramma. i will be thinking of you
all and missing you lots. eat lots of american ice cream
and enjoy your last few days of the homeland.
love you all!
chad & alison


::wandering home:: reunion 5k

{{the before & the after - i especially love ryan and dave's stretches!}}
saturday morning came early at the reunion for these folks. chad, two sisters, a brother, & a brother-in-law ran the 5k at the infamous Mendon Days. barb and i went along as the cheering session. tara {{in the green}} and chad are planning on doing a half marathon in october, and i think this little run might have been a wake up call.... and it sounds like there might be some more recruits since the 5k! can't wait to see you guys in october!


::postcard:: i miss this grrrrrl.

death valley, christmas 2009
tasting the saltflat


::wandering home:: reunion family pictures

later that evening, we all went back to Pioneer Park for pictures. we were anticipating a crazy amount of time with all thirty-something of us, but Laurel Hansen was amazing. big group photos and eight individual family photos in 35 minutes. seriously.


::reunion:: homemade butter

part of the Pioneer Day activities were making homemade butter! this amazed me beyond belief. i had no idea how simple it is. as i understand it, these are the steps:

  • add heavy cream to a little mason jar. shake, shake, shake, until it comes together in a clump.
  • pour into a bowl, and add water. swish around and pour out water, leaving butter clump behind. repeat until the water rinses out clear.
  • add a pinch of salt.
  • stir it up.

we all sampled the butter on some bread with jam and it was delicious! (correct me if any of that is wrong, barb)

photo featuring brendan

::reunion:: pioneer games

we just got back from this celebration.
tons of activities, pictures, matching outfits, and fun.

one of the hightlights was Grandma Barbie's and Grandpa Bud's Pioneer Day activities, INCLUDING outfits! the kids played pioneer games, made crafts (handkerchief dolls for the girls and marble bags for the boys), ate watermelon and held a seed spitting contest. all at PIONEER PARK!


one hundred and twelve degrees.

OUR WEEKEND in incomplete sentences:
three days. building a rocket. planning picture wardrobes. the pool, times three. first ever professional 'pedis' for both of us. first ever blue toenail polish for her. finished Julie & Julia. started My Sisters Keeper. overpriced, sub-par burgers from Red Robin. lots of laundry. almost bought a Free Agent. drank 2 L of grape soda. cleaned the house, top to bottom. wrapped gifts for Christmas in July. free samples at cosco. hid our computer cords. chocolate chip pancakes. tore tickets at Tuacahn. watched him in Footloose. pizza and a movie. played frisbee with the puppies. talked to family. cuddled on the couch. played some freecell. bought ::him:: a present.
all in one hundred and twelve degrees.


::missing him :: a series - my dude.

yep, he's in the field. again.
and since we're talking about 'missing', we sure miss hanging out at this place.
can't wait to see everyone soon!


and i miss u.


i can't wait to see...
this one.
oh yeah, and this one.
i'm reading julie & julia now, and then will read time traveler's wife. yep, can't wait for some good flicks.


::home:: maybe cosco isn't such a good thing

there might be
just a small chance
that maybe
we've eaten
three pounds of cherries
since last thursday.
and there's only two of us.


::home:: red::white::blue::

since we haven't been able to enjoy fireworks since we got married {{those puppies are real scaredy-cats and we inevitably end up inside with them}} we didn't expect this year to be any different. but we cut the proverbial apron strings and let them be. we threw together a last minute 4th of july dinner and picknicked in our driveway as we waited for the fireworks to start. it didn't turn out too badly for a dinner of whatever we had in the fridge. turkey garlic burgers, watermelon, corn on the cob, fresh cherries, and homemade peach shakes with sparklers for dessert. thanks for playing with me, husband!

::wandering:: holiday weekend up north

we took a four day weekend. just cause. and i've been loving every minute! thursday we spent the day relaxing around the house and enjoying being home. and on friday, we headed up north to visit with some folks we just had to see {{and apparently, to eat, according to my previous post!}}. after i had my girl time with amelia, That Guy and i made a beeline to dave and natalie's house to meet baby boy for the first time. he was only ten days only when we saw him and so tiny! it was fun to see them with their first baby - dave kept telling junior, "very good, very good!" -pretty stinking cute! Congratulations, guys!

The rest of our time was spent with Ryan and Camie and the boys. I am pretty sure husband laughs non-stop when we're with them. They were pretty upset when they found out they wouldn't be coming down for husband's birthday, and so when they heard we were coming up, they decided to make a birthday cake for him {with probably a little help from Camie}! He got the whole birthday song and candles and everything!

On the evening of the 3rd, their neighborhood was having a block party for the holiday, so we tagged along to that. The neighborhood has way more little boys than little girls and i think every single one was in love with chasing the smoke bombs. That may have been the hit of the night! Colton was such a little social butterfly, riding his scooter around to hang out with all of his friends! Carter stuck close and was pretty nearly husband's sidekick for the rest of the night! We anticipated being at home holding the puppies ears on the actual 4th, so we were happy to have some fireworks and noise for the weekend.

Before we left on Saturday, we had the same idea that {{apparently}} every one else in Happy Valley did. We headed up the Canyon and hiked the Stewart Falls trail... and everyone made it back in one piece! Thanks for such a fun weekend, you guys! We always have a blast with you!


::wandering:: up north with millie

this last weekend we found ourselves up north after some plans with my folks fell through. i got a chance to hang out with my old college roommate (former living: the Projects) for an afternoon. she took me to an AMAZING restaurant in O-rem called Pizzeria Seven Twelve (apparently so named because 712* is the perfect temp to cook pizza in a brick oven) and the food was sooo good! apparently, they have a rotating menu so they serve the freshest ingredients, always in season. they brought out homemade pita and hummus as soon as we sat down, and i immediately knew i was in for a treat! we ordered the pesto panini and a pizza (wood-fired) with caramelized onion, mushroom, homemade ricotta, and spinach and we split them both. seriously - i didn't want to stop eating. so next time you're in the area, stop in. it's so worth it.

also while up north, i finally got to try Smart Cookie. um, again, so worth it. my top rec is the Lemon Drop sugar cookie. mmmm, i wish i could eat one right now.

ps - Congratulations to Millie who i just found out is prego! I'm so excited for you!!! also, if you're looking for someone to do your hair, she is amazing... contact her as Amelia at Remedez Salon. she'll work her magic! it was great to see you, lady!


::home:: we live here

sometimes i can't believe how pretty it is here.

i love our little town more and more everyday.

i'm trying to document why. this is a little bitty start.

hope you have a happy 4th!



last weekend we stayed at home...

friday night was movie in the park. saturday morning was breakfast at the bearpaw. saturday afternoon we attended a Transformers event for work - another program in the area rented out a theater and talked about their program and then showed the movie. the best part was at the beginning when we played some games and winners got prizes. WE BOTH WON! i got a twenty dollar gift certificate to Pizza Factory and ::that guy:: won a cd of all of MJs number 1 hits. after work, we sat on the nay-nay, and wasted away our afternoon.

{{our prizes}}

for some reason, i was feeling sort of down, so Husband suggested banana splits & a movie in bed. instant happiness! am i lucky or what???

so happy that we ended saturday night on a good note, because ::he:: was out to the field again on sunday. boo. looking forward to a long weekend this next one!

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